Thursday, 17 April 2014

Random Polish Swatch Spam!

Purchased by me/Gifts

Hey lovelies,

My swatching pose is changing yet again with the new lighting set up and the need to do square photos for Instagram, so I thought I'd better post my unpublished swatches in the previous style asap. I get really funny about old swatches once I've changed styles, I start to dislike them and want to redo them all (but as my current polish swatch library stands at around 1600 images that's really not feasible!). So I'll try to do several spam posts over the next few days :)

Eyeko - Pastel Polish, 4 coats

Pastel Polish could have done with another coat to even it out. Very pretty baby blue with glowing blue shimmer, the formula is easy to work with but a bit sheer as you can see.

Maybelline Colorshow - Born With It, 3 coats

Another sheer, slightly streaky polish.

Maybelline Colorshow - Born With It, 3 coats
Midie #10, 1 coat

This Midie has a great formula - it does have a small amount of settling, but is fixed with a quick roll of the bottle. The glitter distribution is good too, no dabbing needed.

Color Club - Untamed Luxury, 3 coats

This one's lingered in my collection for a while. I never reach for it because I prefer the holo glitter in similar polishes like China Glaze Atlantis. Poor Color Club!

OPI - Princesses Rule, 2 coats

A very pretty baby pink glassfleck, but not really up my alley.

Skinfood Pedicure Sparkle Blue, 2 coats

Blue foily goodness! Very opaque and easy to work with. I really like Skinfood polishes.

OPI - Glitzerland, 3 coats

Classic great formula from OPI. Glitzerland builds up easily in three coats and just glides on the nail.

OPI - I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw, 2 coats

I'm on a roll with the great OPI formulas today. This ridiculously long named polish covers in 2 coats and dries shiny. I didn't experience any staining while swatching, either.

OPI - A Grape Fit!, 3 coats

Another lovely formula, although it does highlight ridges a bit.

Color Club - Vintage Couture, 3 coats

Vintage Couture is a gorgeous shade of pink, but it needed another coat. It's a little thick and streaky and shows every ridge and imperfection.

LA Splash - Golden Seahorse, 3 coats

This is a confusing one. It's beautiful, yes, but it looks gritty even though it's not. So conflicted. The formula is really easy to work with, which is less confusing.

MAC - Biker Blue, 3 coats

This gorgeous, glowing blue has a thin but workable formula. It's so sparkly!

Zoya - Yara, 3 coats

Yara glides on the nail and is very close to being opaque in 2 coats, I added a third to cover the tiniest bald patches. 

Eyeko - Pastel polish, 4 coats
Midie #11, 1 coat

Another super easy to work with formula from Midie, with great glitter distribution.

Revlon - Vixen, 3 coats

A vampy classic from Revlon. It built up nicely in three coats and dried a natural shine.

Chanel - Ming, 3 coats

Ming is a very pretty 'safe' polish, a lovely palate cleanser, if you will. The formula is a little sheer, but it mostly evened out in 3 coats.

Chanel - Ming, 3 coats
Midie #7, 1 coat

Midie sure is consistent - another great formula here :)

OPI - Chapel Of Love, 3 coats

This is a polish I'd never looked twice at when I saw it in stores, but when my lovely sister in law sent me a big bag of destashed polish I tried it on right away and fell in love. I love corally-pinks and the shimmer is just perfect.

Star Kin - Tranquil, 4 coats
Revlon - Sparkle, 1 coat

And lastly we have Sparkle, a pretty holographic and iridescent glitter topper. Very easy to work with, great glitter distribution. This is a dupe for Revlon Belle.


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A Fyrinnae A Day: Callipygian Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

Morning! I have a super pretty dark green Fyrinnae to show you today; this is Callipygian.

All of the Fyrinnae eyeshadows I purchased are minis; the mini eyeshadows are packaged in a clear screwtop jar with a label on the bottom. The regular eyeshadow minis contain 1/3 teaspoon of product.

Fyrinnae's description:

Vibrant Kelly/emerald green shimmer on black. Great over regular primer, but over a sticky base it's a gleaming jeweltone metallic green. Not lip-safe. (as for the name, just look it up. We're not really sane here)

Swatched dry (left) and over Pixie Epoxy (right), photographed in sunlight. Callipygian is already gorgeous alone, but over Epoxy HOLY BALLS. I mixed it with a bit of Epoxy and used it an eyeliner in the look below, but I can't wait to try it all over the lids. 

Full FOTD details to come on Sunday :)

What I liked:
  • Beautiful with or without Epoxy or similar product
  • Easy to blend out
  • Great price - the eyeshadow minis are $2.25USD (containing 1/3 teaspoon - I purchased all minis), full size jars are $6.25USD.
What I didn't like:
  • Nada!
Where to buy:

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Project Reswatch #4

Hey lovelies,

Finally unearthed this one from my drafts! What a slacker :p Lots of swatches to show you today.

MAC Crush Metal Pigments - Stacked 1!

This set of pigments comes from the Spring Color Forecast collection in... 2010, I believe! Very pretty, great colour pay off. Chunky though, as they are MAC's Crush Metal formula.

Bourjois Wish You Were Here! Paris Blush

This pretty blush comes from a LE Bourjois tin set, they were all themed around popular holiday destinations. I'd love to get more of those sets one day, I believe they are long discontinued though. The blush is lovely to work with; easy to apply and blend. It is fragranced, quite strongly (though not unpleasantly) which I do find unusual in a face product.

MAC Temperature Rising Lip Pencil

This luscious red leaning orange pencil is a real winner from MAC. It has great colour pay off and the perfect amount of creaminess, so that it doesn't skip or drag, but still prevents feathering. Temperature Rising pairs perfectly with MAC Morange.

MAC Cream Color Base - Variety

Variety comes from an old limited edition holiday palette. It's a nice neutral creme blush, very easy to work with.

Glamour Doll Eyes - Hello Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn is a gorgeous shimmery shade that looks great with or without primer or Pixie Epoxy. I've really got to try this out as an eyeliner!

Lime Crime Magic Sust - Siren

Siren is a metallic crimson, very similar to Sugarpill's Asylum Chromalust shadow. It's very pretty, but not really me. Lime Crime's Magic Dusts are discontinued now.

MAC Dazzleglass - Funtabulous

Funtabulous is a super sparkly gloss, the Dazzleglass line is so pretty. MAC's formula is terribly tacky though, not really practical for Wellington wind.

Glamour Doll Eyes Eyelights - Hollywood

A super pretty cosmetic grade holographic silver glitter. Glamour Doll Eyes don't make the Eyelights anymore, sadly.

MAC Cremeblend Blush - Joie De Vivre

Gosh, I've been neglecting this one. Joie De Vivre used to be my everyday blush, and now I haven't used it in ages.

Sugarpill Chromalust - Royal Sugar

Looking at this swatch makes me want to play with Royal Sugar again soon. I might try this an eyeliner too, or a pop of colour on the lower lashline. It's so darn beautiful!

Previous instalments of Project Reswatch (or just click the tab at the top of the page!):

Thanks for stopping by!


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A Fyrinnae A Day: Winter Romance Lip Lustre Swatches & Review

Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

Finally got a bit of sunlight to get a lip swatch of this pretty Fyrinnae Lip Lustre!

All of the Lip Lustres I bought are in the trial size, which is 1.5g and contains enough for a few applications. This is a great way to try a colour before committing to a full size tube, especially since you can't see this product in a store before purchasing (Fyrinnae is only sold through their website). I love that the applicator is still a regular sized doefoot one, so it's very easy to apply.

Fyrinnae's description:

Rich, velvety dark red. Not leaning maroon like Dragon's Blood, this sultry shade should suit most skintones. This shade is shimmer-free (we call that matte, but the Lustres do have shine).

L-R: 1952, Visual Kei, Ocelot, Queer Theory, Dragon's Blood, Winter Romance swatched on bare skin

Winter Romance is a deep red which leans brown. It certainly reads a lot browner on my NC15 complexion than it does on Temptalia. Winter Romance is mostly opaque with a bit of translucency. It wore for five hours on me with a teeny amount of feathering, before fading at the centre of my lips, eventually wearing away entirely with a meal. It was a little drying, not overly though.

What I liked:
  • Fantastic colour pay off, great lasting power
  • Great price - 1.5ml trial size (shown here) is $2.00USD, full size tube is $7.00USD.
What I didn't like:
  • Mildly drying after five hours.
  • Teeny amount of feathering
Where to buy:

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