Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tosowoong Makeon Gel Pencil Eyeliners - Bronze Spectrum #9 Tan and #10 Magic Eye Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

I have some more beautiful Tosowoong eyeliners to show you today! If you've read my review of the Tosowoong Princess sets (Seasons 1, 2 and 3 reviewed), you'll know I have a big crush on their eyeliners and I've been adding more to my collection. These two come from the Bronze Spectrum line, which is primarily made up of neutral shades.

#10 Magic Eye, #09 Tan

As with other Tosowoong eyeliners I've tried, these shades are both lovely and sparkly. The shimmer in these isn't irritating to my eyes and doesn't migrate over the course of the day. The wear time is fantastic, they don't crease or disappear and they survive a trip to the beach.
Tosowoong eyeliners are very easy to sharpen, though there can be a little wastage because the product itself is somewhat soft. This softness is handy too though, it stops the eyeliners from skipping or dragging during application, and it means that you can pick up product easily with a liner brush if you'd like a more precise line. They're just, to put it the blunt Kiwi way, pretty bloody fantastic.
The only claim they don't consistently live up to is doubling as an eyeshadow, which Tosowoong demonstrate in their Ebay listings. I find that some shades feel tacky as an eyeshadow (such as Blonde from the Season 3 set), while others are fine (like Deep Bronze, also from Season 3), and the tackier ones crease after 6 hours wear. Some of the shades are also a little harder to apply evenly as an eyeshadow.
I won't repeat myself regarding formula etc below, instead I'll show you a close up of each pencil and a look with each (full posts with further FOTD details will be hyperlinked).




Magic Eye

What I liked:
  • Great colour pay off
  • Fantastic lasting power
  • Some shades work as an eyeshadow too
  • Can be smoked or blended out (though you'll need to be quick, they set fast!)
  • According to Tosowoong's Ebay listing, these are hypo-allergenic
  • Can be picked up cheaply
What I didn't like:
  • Not all of the shades double as eyeshadow

Where to buy:


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Friday, 25 July 2014

Femme Fatale Friday: Emerald Dream Eyeshadow Swatches & Review

Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

Sneaking in with a better-late-than-never Femme Fatale Friday tonight! We finally had a bit of sunshine so I could do some quick swatches. Today I'll be showing you a glowing green shade; Emerald Dream.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Emerald Dream

Femme Fatale's description:
Emerald Dream is a bright paris green bordering on teal with a very subtle golden green shine.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Emerald Dream swatch

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Emerald Dream swatch

Swatched dry (left) and over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (right) and photographed in sunlight. Emerald Dream is crazy beautiful! It has decent colour pay off dry and over a sticky base it has even more impact. The glow is subtle as Femme Fatale describes, it's luminous instead of overpowering. Love. The texture is very smooth and easy to work with.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Emerald Dream EOTD

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Emerald Dream EOTD

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Emerald Dream FOTD

What I liked:
  • Good colour pay off with or without Epoxy
  • Soft blendable texture, easy to work with
  • The price is good, it's essentially $1.10AUD per sample which I think is very reasonable. Don't forget the free shipping for samples! If you're looking to buy a larger amount, you can purchase mini ($3.10 without sifter, $3.20 with) or full size jars ($5.85).
What I didn't like:
  • Nada!
Where to buy:

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

MAC Lipsticks - Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy and Diva Swatches & Review

Purchased by me/contains affiliate links

Hey lovelies,

Today I have some gorgeous MAC lippies to show you, but not in the packaging you might expect. As a die hard MAC junkie on a budget, I was excited to discover TheBodyNeeds, who repackage MAC lipsticks in sample sizes. This is a great way to obtain a wide range of MAC shades, particularly if you don't want to fork out for a full size tube you may not like or suit, or just want a lot for comparison purposes (like me!).

When I purchased these samples TheBodyNeeds was still packaging them in twist up tubes with about 1/4 teaspoon of lipstick and clear balm filling the remainder of the tube. They've since switched to 26mm pans in clamshells, which is great if you want to create your own lip palette and don't mind using a lip brush. Personally I prefer the twist up tubes for the more convenient application, so I'm not sure that I'll order further samples.

L-R: Diva, Kinda Sexy, Velvet Teddy


Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is a brown leaning nude with a Matte finish. The formula is great, with fantastic colour pay off, easy application and longevity. I'm not sure how much this shade suits me (one reason to be glad I only bought a sample!) but I'm still playing around with it. This definitely reads as one of those Kylie Jenner nude lipsticks that are doing the rounds at the moment, so check this one out if you've been looking for one.


Kinda Sexy

Kinda Sexy is a peach toned nude with a Matte finish. Jordana Matte Natural and Maybelline Bold Matte MAT7 Nude are both very close matches. Apparently I have an addiction to these hues in matte nude lipsticks! Kinda Sexy is creamy, opaque and long lasting.



Diva is a rich burgundy with a Matte finish. I still remember the first time I noticed it on counter... I was shopping for a rather fabulous aunt and swatching away happily at MAC when I spotted it. It was love at first swatch; I couldn't believe I'd never noticed it before! I bought myself and my aunt a tube each and wore it repeatedly until it mysteriously went missing at the end of 2012. I still don't know what the heck happened to it and held off on repurchasing in the hope that it would reappear. Sadly, it didn't, so I've sated my longing for Diva temporarily with the sample version from TheBodyNeeds. 
Rambling aside, the formula of Diva is great, boasting smooth and even, rich colour pay off. It feathers a little when worn without lipliner, so I usually pair it with NYX Cabaret lipliner.

And a super old FOTD with Diva!

What I liked:
  • All three shades have great colour pay off
  • Creamy matte texture
  • Non drying
  • Long wearing
What I didn't like:
  • Diva feathers a little if worn without lipliner
Where to buy:


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hello Kitty Concealer - Jasmine Me Round Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

Rescuing all the things from my drafts folder! Today I'll be showing you this super cute Hello Kitty concealer. This comes from the Hello Kitty range found at Postie stores in New Zealand, I'm unsure whether you can buy the range overseas.

I decided to try a concealer as my MAC one is reaching the end of its life and I need to find a new concealer BFF. Will this be the one?

Hello Kitty Concealer Jasmine Me Round

The Hello Kitty concealer has super cute, albeit plastic-y packaging. It doesn't feel flimsy, but it does look a bit cheap. That's okay though, it's what's inside that counts, right?

Hello Kitty Concealer Jasmine Me Round

Hello Kitty Concealer Jasmine Me Round

Swatched on bare skin on an overcast day

The texture of the concealer is waxy and a little stiff. It takes a bit of effort to pick up enough product but once you've got enough to work with, it's very easy to apply and blend out. It has light-medium coverage - I typically want higher coverage for blemishes and undereye circles but this works well on days when I'm happy with lighter coverage. This concealer is also great for cream contouring, it's paler than even my NC15 complexion so I've been dabbling with it for that. It doesn't crease or migrate when used as an undereye concealer either.

What I liked:
  • Light-medium opacity
  • Easy to blend out and build coverage
  • Works well for cream contouring
  • Doesn't crease or migrate
What I didn't like:
  • A bit difficult to pick up enough product to work with
  • Some may prefer higher coverage
Where to buy:


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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Interview with Kirsty Leigh - Makeup Obsessives

Hey lovelies,

Today I'm interviewing the completely fabulous Kirsty Leigh, the founder of Makeup Obsessives! If you haven't heard of MUO, it's a kiwi based Facebook group (although they welcome international members too!) devoted to all things makeup and beauty related.
It's really taking off, which is so cool to see - I love to see other kiwis doing well. My favourite part of MUO is getting to know other bloggers and seeing all the makeup looks. I hope you enjoy today's interview and check MUO out :)

Tell me a bit about you!
I’m a native South Islander- but I’ve lived in Auckland for 14 years...I’m not sure how “Auckland” that makes me! I’ve studied so many different things (English Literature, Social Work, ESOL)- but ultimately my love is writing, so it’s pretty amazing I get to do that predominantly now.

How did you first get into makeup? Do you have any special memories? Was there someone who got you into it?
I made friends with Liesje at MAC! She inspired me to do a makeup course, which ultimately led me to getting a job with MAC Cosmetics. I worked in the Chancery store, which has since moved to Britomart- I think I learned more about makeup in my years at MAC than I did in my course! The team I worked with are mega talented- as well as being amazing humans.

What made you decide to start Makeup Obsessives?
I saw that there was a lot of chat about makeup in one of the Facebook cosmetic selling pages, but because money was involved there’d be a fair bit of drama. I figured that it’d be nice for people to have a place to talk about all things beauty that would remain positive- and have no selling! So I started the MUO Facebook group, and it took off- which in turn inspired me to start a separate blog. I can’t wait to find out what the next step is!

How do you juggle blogging/MUO/IGing with work/family/other commitments?
Oh my god, I’m still figuring that out- it’s REALLY hard. I’m at home full-time with my toddler, and while some people may think that would give me ample time to blog- it’s the opposite. Toddlers don’t care about blog deadlines ;) The other main obstacle is having the FB group to look after as well- sometimes I wish I could focus my attention on just writing instead of being an admin, as it takes up so much time. But you’ve got to take the good with the bad, and ultimately the FB group is a massive blessing - I wouldn’t have the level of engagement with my readers that I do without it. I think I need to do a course in time management!

Is there anything about blogging/MUO/Instagraming you find difficult or dislike? What has been your biggest challenge?
I’ve only been blogging for a year, so at this stage I’m still loving everything! I think the only difficult thing has been the occasional bit of cattiness/competitiveness- it’s really hard to deal with, especially when it’s all behind a computer screen. However in saying that, the other 98% of bloggers/vloggers I’ve met have been absolutely gorgeous, amazing and supportive! If we all stick together and support each other, everyone wins - in my opinion ;)

Do you have any blogging/vlogging/Instagram role models? What do you admire about them?
I adore Morgan from Hyacinth Girl for her insanely great writing, and her ability to be point-blank honest (and hilarious) while reviewing products. Christine from Ruby Fearless is one of the sweetest people I’ve met in my life, and also the first NZ blogger to welcome me into the fold and make me feel comfortable- I’ll forever owe her for that! Sophie from Nana Wintour is like a blogging soulmate, and I’m obsessed with her beautiful writing and new blog layout. Internationally, I LOVE Samantha from Batalash- her vlogs are like a breath of fresh air, and her makeup is always flawless.

What has been your favourite MUO/blogging/Instagraming moment/s to date?
Probably interviewing Samantha from Batalash, actually! Followed closely by interviewing Pixiwoo... and then definitely going to all the meetups I hold for MUO members. We have our third Auckland meetup in 2 weeks and I’m so excited- there’s over one hundred people coming! Name tags are a must.

What is your most prized nail polish/makeup item?
Definitely my Urban Decay Naked palettes- I reach for them every day, and have to force myself to try other things. I can’t get past how good the pigmentation is, the colours, and how well they blend- I’m in love!

What's the weirdest beauty item you own?
Haha, probably the Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream! But it feels and looks beautiful on, the coverage is incredible- and it’s affordable.

What is the makeup item with the strangest name in your collection?
As above :O Snail extract in makeup is just...weird.

Is there anything you regret NOT buying?
Not at this stage, but believe it or not, I still haven’t gotten around to buying the Naked 3 palette. I might do that today. I sort of regret selling all of my MAC makeup products last year, but it was a necessary evil in order to build my website. I needed to upgrade it to the Pro Business plan, and pay for a designer etc- so it was worth it...but I miss those eye shadows!

Tell me about your best beauty bargain.
That one is on it’s way! My friend Nicola and I have a HUGE haul coming from the States using Ship It To. So many MAC products, Stila products, Lorac, and Ben Nye- hopefully it’ll be here next week! I’ll be in makeup heaven. Many of the products I chose are ones that Samantha from Batalash uses and loves- I’m such a fangirl, but I would buy anything she tells me to!

Is there a beauty purchase you really regret?
Ooooh. Tricky. I deliberate for AGES before purchasing anything, I check Temptalia and Makeup Alley for reviews and swatches first, so I’m generally pretty safe. Does a Brazilian wax count? I once got “done” by someone that almost literally scarred me for life- thank god I now have Lisa from Loft Beauty to look after me.

What is your biggest lemming?
Gah, Naked 3 palette! I also REALLY want to buy the full size of the original Narciso Rodriguez EDT- I have been in love with it for years and years. I want every single product from the Moroccanoil range, and probably everything from La Prairie.

What has been your biggest beauty blunder?
Oh god, plucking all my brows out when I first moved to Auckland 14 years ago. I went from having never touched them in my life (admittedly they were pretty feral), to pencil thin straight lines- I couldn’t get the hang of an arch. They were like this for years! I can’t believe nobody pulled me aside and told me I needed to sort my life out.

Do you have a go to make up look/mani?
Definitely! As I’ve already gone on about, I adore my Naked palettes- but I tend to reach for Naked 1 more than Naked 2. I team gold/bronze/matte brown eyes with HEAPS of mascara and a neutral lip most days. Because I self tan, I need to match my face, so I always have to use bronzer- which is why I go for the eye look that I do. I have to be forced to wear a dark or bright lip - it’s really not my comfort zone... but as I’ve learnt - you’ve got to swatch if you want to blog!


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Monday, 21 July 2014

Bottle Shot Spam #22

Hey lovelies,

It's time for more sparkly Monday brighteners :)

Etude House Bling in the Sea - BBL602 Garden in the Sea

Maybelline Colorshow Sequins - Silver Gleam

Cult Nails - Seduction

Maybelline Colorshow - Twilight Rays

Essence Nail Art Twins - Blair

CR #49

Innisfree #107 Libra

Innisfree #109 Cassiopeia

Spoiled by Wet n Wild - Deeper Dive

BYS - Through the Looking Glass

Want more Bottle Shot Spam? Check out the tag to the right, or the button at the top of the page.


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